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The village of Vinh Ba


For hundreds of years, the handicraft village of Vinh Ba (Hoa Dong commune, Tay Hoa district, Phu Yen province) has been famous for its knitwear products. The traditional products of the village are now produced for consumers to use in daily life such as: candles, baskets, sieves, bamboo baskets ...
In Vinh Ba, almost everyone can participate in activities ranging from youth, women to children or old people. Around the village lanes, everywhere can be seen familiar image is the men splitting bamboo fiber, women, children sit knit socks as a distinctive feature of the local.

Raw materials are available in the locality is the advantage for Vinh Ba to develop the product of knitting. 

A production step in the knitting business in Vinh Ba. 

Handcrafted handicraft products are developing strongly in Vinh Ba handicraft village. Picture: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat
There are more than 300 workers in traditional handicraft villages in Vinh Ba. Like many other villages, the village of Vinh Ba previously had small scale production with rudimentary tools, heavy manual labor. However, since the establishment of Dong Nhat handicraft factory in 2005, it marked a turning point in the process of expanding handicraft production. With traditional materials such as bamboo, pine leaves, coconut but the handicraft village of Vinh Ba has created more handicraft products of economic value than the woven products. the system. Here, Dong Nhat has taken the lead in the production of fine arts products such as: handbags, flower baskets, flower baskets, fruit baskets ... for tourism, conferences, gifts.

Together with the effort and devotion of the handicraft village of Vinh Ba, in 2007, the Industry Promotion Program also re-trained the knitting profession, producing new products for hundreds of local workers, including 20 people with disabilities. Thanks to this special training program, the production activities of the handicraft village of Vinh Ba have been increasingly stable, the quality and sophistication of the products have also been improved and increasingly popular among consumers. In addition, because of the source of this material is available locally, so the price of the village products can compete well with other products on the market. And in 2008, the village of Vinh Ba is officially recognized as a traditional handicraft village of Phu Yen province.

According to Nguyen Thi Tham, the owner of Dong Nhat handicraft monument, to preserve his traditional father's profession, her establishment has invested in technology, concentrating on making many products with patterns. The rich, diverse. Accordingly, fine art products are always guaranteed the aesthetic factors, suitable for many tastes of the market. According to Tham, handicraft products of Dong Nhat craft in particular and handicraft villages in Vinh Ba have so far been displayed at many fairs and exhibitions. Each month produce over 20,000 products that sometimes do not meet the needs of customers. In fact, Vinh Ba not only creates jobs for hundreds of idle laborers in Hoa Dong commune but also in other localities in Phu Yen province.

The village of Vinh Ba is also the place to create jobs for local labor when there are more than 300 workers
is currently involved in the manufacture of products .... 

... at different stages of the knitting. 

The products of Vinh Ba are mainly bamboo products for daily life such as baskets, baguettes etc.

... and also a local culture of Phu Yen. 

Adhesion with plastic glue for fine art products Vinh Ba.

The framework of handicraft products Vinh Ba. 

Decorative flower basket products. 

Products of handicraft Vinh Ba rich, diverse. 

The samples of handicraft products in Vinh Ba are popular in the market. 
It is known that the People's Committee of Hoa Dong will organize more training courses, training skills for workers, and organize visiting delegations, learn experience in the knitting business in neighboring provinces. Local leaders also try to create conditions to support capital to expand production scale, investment in equipment and technology, renovate technology for the craft village of Vinh Ba. In addition, the Department of Industry of Phu Yen province also plans to support the construction of display products in the village of Vinh Ba knitting, progressing to build models of the village's first handicraft villages. Phu Yen./.

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