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We - Viet Delta Corp. - take this opportunity to introduce you ourselves as a leading reliable exporter of craft products with the good quality and competitive price. With over 10 years experience, we always use the best quality materials to produce the beautiful...


Beautiful of bamboo baskets


If we look only standalone product area without giving out imagination with different applications, we will not enjoy the beauty of bamboo baskets in the unique alignment of agricultural burdens ...



Bamboo is the main material to help make products such as bamboo baskets, baskets, bear, ... creating a casual look and used simple household utensils are not afraid of moisture so airtight. So bamboo products outside the rustic naivete it also makes users become friendly, close to the environment.

thúng tre con
Enjoy the beauty of nature bring


Cut bamboo purchased is calculated according to the size available, polished blue crystals out of bamboo so that later spread to bamboo otter oil absorbent; then, chopped into spokes. Nan bamboo exposed to the sun for drying to dry but mist for two new bamboo knitting is straight. When dried bamboo, taboos are not impervious to rain because rain water will be broken bamboo. From past to present, the country often use the basket of food containing rice or vegetables ... without fear of damage from pollution such as plastic utensils, or made other chemicals can bring.

The beauty of the basket is equally unique burden

thúng tre đẹp