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Bamboo is a group of evergreen plants have woody annual, the Poales, Bambusoideae, Tong Tre (Bambuseae), some species of this group is very large, and is considered the largest in the Poales.

Bamboo is used as a home, (column, Loss), as chopsticks, as the gutters, as basketry, agricultural supplies (bucket, identification, officials shovel). Young bamboo as food (plant). Including bamboo roots dry as firewood. Dense planting bamboo as a natural barrier to the villages in the northern plains. During the war, bamboo is used as a weapon is beneficial harm (against bamboo, cane, bow and arrow). History has since the revolt Nguyen Thien Thuat, who rely on dense bamboo fence that the French do not shoot bullets through it.

During the renovation of bamboo is used extensively in the production of handicrafts and fine arts. The village rattan and bamboo used as a raw material for production of those goods so consumers as well as unique art products. Bamboo has distinctive features such as strong, durable, high-level ball and link type of bamboo fibers make great resistant power.